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Wipro Mandatory documents to be carried @your first day

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Reporting day (24th April 2019):
U should need to  bring all the mandatory documents which are mentioned in the joining date mail which are
1. 10th marks sheet
2. 12th marks sheet
3. 1-7sem marks sheet
4. Passport and 2 Xerox copies
5. AADHAR and 2 Xerox copies
6. Pan card and 2 Xerox copies
7. Course completion certificate (this is a certificate which will be provided by u r institution there will be some process for that every institution differs that process )
8. Nsr e-card or acknowledgement ( registration and providing finger prints  at pos is mandatory )
9. Appointment letter(2 copies)
10. 4 WHITE BACKGROUND passport size photographs

Please make sure u LL upload all these documents in ur candidate desktop

They haven't checked any of these documents for us , they just asked us u guys have them and upload them
If not do it quickly that's it

And after that the process starts U  should need to sign each n every page in our appointment letter and then they will give u a form with almost 30odd pages which u need to fill (irritating task) cuz there will be so much stuff u need to fill and we need to fill some info twice  as well ..
Which will take some time and that form includes bond as well which is mentioned 12 months from now , they given details of money u need to pay if u leave organization Less than 12 months
And they given presentation about the training and how it will happen ..
If you clear Pjp assessment training  will be 9 weeks if u don't then it will be 13 weeks and some other info like if u are lucky and get the project of the same stream u trained then u might go to  project  and  then u r traing period can be well before 13 weeks ..
Pjp assessment will be on 30th April (which is 2nd day of our joining) he haven't said anything about pattern and all

Afternoon session is all about  bank account 
For us they just randomly selected some ppl and said u guys will have this bank account
And this guys will have this bank account
The two bank representatives  which visited that day are Standard charted and idfc bank
They didn't even gave us the choice to select the bank we wanted to
And our hr said that all banks are similar if you r not happy with their service u can shift to other bank after 3 months. . so we compromised
And again we need to fill and sign some papers which are bank related documents , they will provide u card and account number on the spot and it will be activated within 3 days
u need to give the Xerox copies to bank representatives
After that they will provide u temporary ID card where one of u r white background passport pik is attached on that
They will provide breakfast lunch and evng snacks for free ( only on reporting day)
That's it on reporting day
we will have 3 to 4 days off after reporting day
After 2 or 3 days of reporting day they will send u a mail which will have info about
LOCATION (our campus has 2 learning buildings so they mentioned that as well)
EMPLOYEE ID (an unique number will be given to every one )
Need to come in formals
No leaves entertained in training period ..etc etc

And u should need to write ur name , employee id,and blood group back side of u r white background passport photograph which u need to submit to u r manager on joining day

JOINING DAY (DAY 1) (April 29th)

U should need to give that photograph with u r  name ,employee ID ,blood group back side of it   to u r manager
So that they will provide u permanent ID card by evng on the same day

After that some experienced person came and  gave lecture about Wipro and it's history , showed us some videos, trust me  which is so so so boring almost all of us went to sleep unknowingly 😂 afternoon is all about security things
Like what measures we should need to take when fire accidents occur , how to give first aid for the ppl who got injured , how to react if there is any bomb threat etc etc .. this is way too boring above that it's afternoon we tried so

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