International Quant Championship 2019 Presented by WorldQuant VRC - SRGEC LIBRARY


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International Quant Championship 2019 Presented by WorldQuant VRC

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Dear Friends,


We are proud to invite you to participate in the 2019 International Quant Championship (IQC), one of the largest quant competitions in the world.


Launching on March 20, 2019, the IQC is an excellent opportunity for you to apply classroom knowledge to develop and backtest predictive mathematical models (alphas), employing historical financial market data.


Start by forming a team of one to six individuals from your university and competing initially at your local level. If your team scores well, you may have the opportunity to take part in your country or regional finals — and potentially in the global championship to be held in Singapore! Select members from teams advancing to the global finals may be invited to play chess against World Champion Magnus Carlsen during an exhibition in Singapore.


Top-scoring teams may win cash prizes from a pool of up to $100,000, subject to eligibility. 


The competition will take place on WorldQuant's intuitive, web-based simulation platform, WebSim, an online environment where you can translate your ideas for predicting the movement of financial markets.


The International Quant Championship builds on the many competitions the WorldQuant Virtual Research Center has hosted over the past five years. WorldQuant is always on the lookout for talent, and participants who score well in the IQC may be considered for consulting or employment opportunities to join WorldQuant's global team. 


In 2018, the IQC attracted more than 11,000 participants, representing 1,000 universities from more than 80 countries. After the 2018 IQC finals, we offered five full-time positions and 15 internships worldwide. Watch this video to learn more.


To help participants get started in this year's IQC, we are offering an educational series called the Virtual Boot Camp — eight different online course

s that cover both basic and advanced topics in quantitative finance.


Sign up now and break into the exclusive world of quant finance.


Best regards,

Your WorldQuant VRC Team


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