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Why do talented students not qualify for the GATE?

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First of all my friend get yourself clear I think that this question is asked out of jealousy and insecure attitude rather than curiosity.

Now to answer Your question talent is not an absolute term ,it is relative term One might be talented to pass exam just by studying night before the exam and vomiting out in the paper.

Gate requires You to not only know engineering concepts but also apply them during solving a problem , Gate questions are not so easy to answer at same time they are not too difficult except few , If You want to get Good Rank You need to practice alot and be ready to accept setbacks,failures apart from this You will Have to keep in pace to complete syllabus.

Gate also tests How much You work Hard and smart , Hardwork along with smartwork is only key to success , And If You are talented enough in studies developing this won't be any big deal.

I haven't appeared for Gate till Now but I want to clear the doubts in the mind of the person who asked this stupid question.

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