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What you have achieved from GATE?

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  1. Now people say i am inspiring.(that feels so good)
  2. madness of next level, that common people won't ever understand.(THEY CALL ME MAD)
  3. Knowledge and Will power has improved exponentially
  4. Lost nights, to make dreams come true
  5. Lost weight, achieved inner peace
  6. Achieved Silence in LIFE(SELF ACTUALISATION)
  7. Morale has boosted up
  8. Like I can do anything wala Jazba has come
  9. Leadership skills have improved
  10. Started to thinking magically for solution to any problem, not only in academics, but real life problems.
  11. I have cracked various ways to achieve something, WONT TELL YOU THIS as THIS IS MY SECRET.
  12. I have known myself,
  13. talk to myself and I know what I like, what I should be doing and all.
  14. So It feels good.

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