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What should be the strategy to do revision while preparing for GATE?

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This is the most important phase of one's preparation i.e revision .
So I will give you some insight on how to do this effectively and how actually i did it , and I believe I have got AIR 13 (EC) due to this phase only.
  1. Whether you have completed your syllabus or not , wherever you are stop 2.5 months before the exam .
  2. Now , in these 2.5 months i.e 75 days , you have to give 36 days for revision and short note making + practise test of made easy
  3. Now how to schedule these 36 days , you have to make 3 group of 12 days each . Now in these 12 days you have to work around 8–10 hours a day and dedicate each day in two halfs (4–5 hours each)
  4. Now in each 12 days we have to focus 3 subjects so that we can cover around 9 subjects ( in EC branch there are 9 major subjects including maths)
  5. Now in these 3 subjects choose such that you are good in two of them and solved their questions and one subject in which you are weak and haven't read or solved questions . Now dedicate first half to the 2 subjects in which you are good at and finish them in 6 days each , and one subject in which you are weak at should be covered in 2nd half .
  6. Now how to revise , you have divide each subject in 4–5 parts and then target to complete each part according that subject should be finished in 6 days (12 days for tough one )
  7. Now during revision , read your notes thoroughly of that part and then make short notes from your notes . Then you have to solve previous 10 years gate question of that part .
  8. After completing the subject give practise test from made easy test series of that subject.
  • Never quit even if you are not able to complete in 6 days give one more day for the subject
  • Understand that you have to solve medium level questions in exam so don't try to go in very much depth just understand what is required to solve the questions
  • Never think about results just focus on the process
  • You need not be best in one subject but you definitely should not leave any subject , so that you can attempt easy and medium level questions of any subject
  • After this 36–40 days revision schedule you have to go for 20–25 days test series , how to attempt that I will be writing an answer for that too .

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