Subject: Green Engineering-Assignment-1-Submission date: 21-3-2019

venkata subba Naidu kota

I am getting above 35 marks in ACE GATE test series. How much marks or rank shall I expect in Gate 2017 EE?

Don't take mock marks too seriously, Your aim should be on how to improve with every test.

I got 43 marks on my very last mock I gave which was on 22 Jan. I got 59 without normalization in gate.

Give mocks for practice and improving your efficiency, never let them discourage you. Confidence on yourself is the key to cracking GATE.

Make a mistakes notebook for the mock tests you give and go through it every other day, I promise you you'll atleast save 2–4 marks, and you must know already that even .33 marks for a -ve answer is a LOT.

venkata subba Naidu kota

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