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Can we get a good rank in the GATE exam in 45 days?

Exactly one year back I was in this situation, No, worse ! .

I was still working for TCS, I had a critical delivery to be made and no one had any know how of how to finish the project .

I was desperate for GATE, I wanted leave for 2 months and no one in TCS I know of got such a long duration leave .

I had to pull up something from the sleeve, I had to lie that my family business needs me and I won't be able to come to office .

I had to convince HR, Manager and My boss . To convince a lie, TCS taught me this , I used it back .

Unlike you people, I started my preparation on November 30th . Hardly 2 months for exam.

I had taken the challenge so seriously that I would punish myself for every hour that I wasted .

I would closely read 8–12 hours a day/night . It wasn't just reading, it was drilling holes into each subject .

I was fully focused and dedicated, I sometimes had to attend meetings from home and guide the person who took over my project .

I believed in myself, I didn't give up, but I gave up every single distraction . Phone, FB, TV etc, you name it, I disappeared from it .

I started challenging myself with only 2 chapters in a day till i reached a point where I would finish 1 subject a day by end of preparation .

I would write mocks and learn from my mistakes, analyse from previous questions , prepare my own notes .

I learnt and re learnt from my own mistakes, and then there came a point when I knew I would get below 100 even before giving the exam.

If I could do it, anybody can do it . But do you have that burning desire ?


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