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Can I crack the GATE exam in 10 days?

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To crack GATE in 10 days no worries, just read out these facts and you will get the path to it-

  1. There are 25–30 batches that run every year in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad etc and each batch comprises of 250-300 students. This is the data for single coaching institute then there are 2–3 such coaching institutions.
  2. Due to reduced job opportunities and continuously growing competition, lakhs of engineers remain unemployed and keep working hard year after year.
  3. As GATE has no age restriction, you compete with different age group people, some can be already M. Tech holders, PhD holders, Lecturer, Professor, an MNC employee etc.

Hope your doubt of cracking GATE in 10 days gets clarity here.

Be Practical. Be Realistic. All the best.

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