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How was your GATE 2018 exam?

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Rajat Nagpal, studied AIR-21 at GATE 2018 (2017)

AIR 21 Ece

Gate Score- 949

One day before exam , I went to a hotel room , single room to be precise.

I was all by myself , nobody was there to plant something negative in my head and I , myself , dont think ill of me. lol

My parents did not know that next day is the Exam. I told them that I am going to a friend`s place and please do not disturb me.

I dont need no good luck. lol

Good luck come with expectations , you can see it in the eyes of the

My hotel room was 800 meters from the examination hall.

When I was sitting on my place in the exam hall , the table was moving so I had to get that fixed.

I was wearing trackpants and sweatshirt which I used to wear when I was preparing for the exam.

I was showing so much interest to get things right , my neighborhood was getting suspicious .lol I started talking that I just need 25 marks and then he was like , yeah man , this exam is shit . I was like , how come I never met you , You my

I was all set for the exam and the announcements were going on then one thing came

I came to know a very important thing that I had to The invigilator said you cant go now , you have to listen to all the details but I still went and I said I know about all this stuff.

Then the exam starts.

There is one thing everybody is scared about the Exam,

i.e., The Question Paper

I thought I would go through all the questions for 5 minutes , see No more

It took me 12 minutes.

12 important minutes of my life. But Now I am not excited to see the next question and that is why I can concentrate on my current question.

I started with my aptitude part which I was really good at.(I thought so) but I could do only 5 marks out of 15 but still there is time ,just wait for the

At this stage, there was pressure.

Then I went for 2 marks and after 2 hours(rough idea) I again went for the aptitude section and I was able to do 8 marks out of 15. just wait for the ending .lol

At this stage there was severe pressure for the apti part.

I went for 1 marks and then my rough sheet is full now.(What the hell , keep going)

In the last 10 min , I did aptitude 15/15. (Ironic)

and the exam ends.

I would strongly recommend one thing . Please do 2 marks questions when you are fresh . It does not matter if its a 1 mark or a 2 mark , if you can do , you can do . So fetch marks when you are (p.s. You are young in the first 2 hours)

Efficiency certainly decrease during the last 1 hour.

I did 48 questions.

25 , 2 markers were correct.

15 , 1 markers were correct.

Total = 65 marks

negative = -0.33

Gate marks = 64.67

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