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How does one prepare thoroughly for engineering mathematics for the GATE exam?

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You have to be very smart in the way you approach Engineering Mathematics for GATE.

Engineering Mathematics can sometimes be a tricky subject to tackle while preparing for GATE. The average weight-age of this subject in the GATE paper varies from 10 to 15 marks out of a total of 100 marks. It may seem a very small percentage of marks to you but a smart preparation can almost guarantee you with 10% of the total marks. In an exam as extremely competitive as GATE, this indeed is a head start one shouldn't miss.

The question from Engineering Mathematics are very repetitive in the manner that same concepts are repeatedly asked in the disguise of new questions. I have always advised students to follow a smart strategy for this. Following are the steps which you also can follow to ace this subject :

  • First, get a previous years' question bank which thoroughly summerises the different types of concepts asked in GATE. The analysis has to be branch specific as the syllabus differs (slightly, if not entirely) for different engineering streams. This analysis can also be done for a particular topic across the questions of all the branches. Like , a mechanical engineering student must refer to questions of EC,EE,CE of common topics so that a student gets a holistic idea of what can be the different ways in which questions can be asked. For this you can tryEngineering Mathematics book from our institute.
  • Then carefully analyze which parts of the syllabus have the highest probability of being repeated. Completing these topics and mastering all the related concepts should be your top priority.
  • Then you should move on to the topics which are rarely asked. For these topics, just go through the previous year questions and practice them again and again.
  • There is only one way to get good marks in mathematics and that is by practice. Once you are done with all the concepts, you should then keep practicing the relevant questions. Your practice should include questions from both previous years' question bank and questions from a reputed test series. You can always try our Online Test Series . We have taken in consideration all the queries of students while preparing our test series.

A good preparation strategy for Engineering Mathematics can help you in getting ahead of the game while preparing for the GATE. I hope this answer helped you in getting a clarity about this subject.

All The Best For Your Exam !

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