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How is life in PSU after GATE?

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Kaushal Meena, Sr. Engineer at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar (2013-present)

My life since I joined BHEL in 2013 (first batch in BHEL through Gate).

  1. Induction training: It was the best part till date. Learned about my organisation, aligned my vision and mission as per my organization's goals. Understood the part my organization plays in growth of our society and understood my part in growth of your organization. Overview about technicality and functionality of products being manufactured in BHEL. Learned about basic professional etiquettes, various govt. policies, work ethics etc.
  2. Extra curricular: second best part of my life in BHEL. Learned swimming, driving, photography and data analysis after I joined BHEL. I was able to passionately follow bodybuilding and travelling: Bike ride to spiti , ladakh, sach pass, whole uttrakhand circuit completed, whole himachal circuit completed, 12 treks in Himalayas and from Pondicherry to rajasthan covered almost every state of India. Completed certification course for fitness trainer. If you are into sport then you will get enough exposure to hone your skills.
  3. Professional growth: I have worked in many departments, commercial, material management and production is few of them. Currently I am looking after assembly line of super rapid gun mount (Weapon mounted on all major naval ships). This profile has given me opportunity to explore places, a average civilian can only dream of. Witnessed live firing of weapons mounted on naval ships, been inside all destroyer ships of Indian Navy. Previously when I was working with material management I worked as data analyst which gave me opportunity to learn about large data base structure and collection of data using my SQL and visualization of data using R language. Also I completed challenge to develop a system and implement e tendering in BHEL haridwar. When I was in commercial I got to learn about customer relationship, project planning etc. These examples are only chunk out of large pie, my point is to tell you that unlike private companies your work won't be limited to a single profile, instead you will have freedom to gain as much exposure as you can handle.
  4. Application of mechanical engineering: since I joined BHEL, my duty deemand continuous improvement in my aptitute as engineer. I was able to learn and work with technical concepts such as project management, quality management tools, limit, fit & tolerances, welding, design of mechanical equipments, various joining processes, force analysis of recuperator in real time, importance of data in engineering analysis, work with large amount of data, different kind of tendering processes, etc etc. This is just a fraction of the exposure I have got here.
  5. My suggestion : Life is what you make of it. I have batch mates who whine all day about the Excel work they have to do. I also have batch mates who are working on far larger scale than me. Iterative work is part of your job but it doesn't have to define your job. In PSU , no one is going to push you, no one is going to motivate you. You will still get your salary if you work only 9 to 5. And you will not get any apprehensions for extra projects you take by yourself. No one is going to support you for your extra work, rather they will discourage you. But keep the flame burning, stay curious, stay motivated, understand your social responsibilities. You belong to elite group of this country, think like One, behave like one, act like One.

P.S: wrote this answer as fast as I could, and too busy to review it. I am sorry for the mistakes. my aim is to give you brief idea about life in PSU. Thank you for reading.

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