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Are GATE lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula enough to crack the GATE?

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Preparing for GATE involves two things. One is to clear your concepts and second is to practice right questions in order to evaluate your understanding.
Any institute like ACE or MadeEasy might be helpful to clear the concepts but being a student of Ravindrababu Ravula (RBR) I'll talk about his online course.
I have found his method of teaching very nice and concentrated towards GATE topics, which is good. He generated interest in some of the subjects which I found very boring in my B Tech days. Also he solves many problems in videos to help create the necessary approach in students to tackle GATE problems. He covers all frequently asked models very well and also creates some models of his own that might be asked. All in all his lectures are really great and if one can go through all his videos, make proper notes and revise them he will have a good understanding of the subjects.
But, here's the important thing, watching his lectures or any coaching institute's lectures is not enough. PRACTICE is the key. You should practice past year questions from any source (I followed GateOverflow), understand all the problems, develop the analytical skills to solve the problems and be fast and accurate. Also Test Series are important. Towards the end try to give more and more tests and keep evaluating your strengths and keep working on your weaknesses.
So, I would recommend his lectures but you will have to put in a lot of efforts as GATE is not just a knowledge based exam, it requires analytical skills which only practice can bring to you.

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