Subject: Green Engineering-Assignment-1-Submission date: 21-3-2019


Green Engineering Assignment-1-Submission date: 21-3-2019

Subject: Green Engineering
Type of courseSelf Study

Discuss in detail the adverse effects of modern technology on the environment and how green engineering helps to reduce that negative impact
Submission date: 21-3-2019
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venkata subba Naidu kota

What you have achieved from GATE?

  1. Now people say i am inspiring.(that feels so good)
  2. madness of next level, that common people won't ever understand.(THEY CALL ME MAD)
  3. Knowledge and Will power has improved exponentially
  4. Lost nights, to make dreams come true
  5. Lost weight, achieved inner peace
  6. Achieved Silence in LIFE(SELF ACTUALISATION)
  7. Morale has boosted up
  8. Like I can do anything wala Jazba has come
  9. Leadership skills have improved
  10. Started to thinking magically for solution to any problem, not only in academics, but real life problems.
  11. I have cracked various ways to achieve something, WONT TELL YOU THIS as THIS IS MY SECRET.
  12. I have known myself,
  13. talk to myself and I know what I like, what I should be doing and all.
  14. So It feels good.
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venkata subba Naidu kota

Application for GECFEST stalls is now live || Gec fest || last date 11-feb-2019










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Subject: Green Engineering Assignment-1-Submission date: 21-3-2019

Subject: Green Engineering
Type of course: Self Study

Discuss in detail the adverse effects of modern technology on the environment and how green engineering helps to reduce that negative impact
Submission date: 21-3-2019
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venkata subba Naidu kota

Why do talented students not qualify for the GATE?

First of all my friend get yourself clear I think that this question is asked out of jealousy and insecure attitude rather than curiosity.

Now to answer Your question talent is not an absolute term ,it is relative term One might be talented to pass exam just by studying night before the exam and vomiting out in the paper.

Gate requires You to not only know engineering concepts but also apply them during solving a problem , Gate questions are not so easy to answer at same time they are not too difficult except few , If You want to get Good Rank You need to practice alot and be ready to accept setbacks,failures apart from this You will Have to keep in pace to complete syllabus.

Gate also tests How much You work Hard and smart , Hardwork along with smartwork is only key to success , And If You are talented enough in studies developing this won't be any big deal.

I haven't appeared for Gate till Now but I want to clear the doubts in the mind of the person who asked this stupid question.

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venkata subba Naidu kota

Indian Engineering Olympiad-2019

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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Workshop || 2nd Year Students only || Limited Registrations || Dr. Sai Satish

Ethical hacking refers to the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers.

We the Electronics and Communication Engineering Were going to Organize an workshop called "Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security " from the well known Indian hacker Dr. Sai Satish Garu, C.E.O Indian Servers 
this is opportunity only for  2nd B.Tech Students Only   those who were registered do register on on before 30-January-2019 .

* first come first bias *

Limited to 150 registrations only 

Schedule and Important Notes

Last Date of Showing your Interest (Registration) : 30-Jan-2019

Registration Link :: Click here 

Dates of workshop :: In February ( Tentative Dates will Announce Soon here After detailed Conformation ....) 

Price : 500/- (100 will be paid by College ) effectively 400/-

Perks :: 

Certificate from Recognized Company ( Indian Servers )

250 G.B of Data Related to Hacking software's 

2-3 Students will get internship opportunity for absolutely free at Indian Servers 

Note :: Presence of mind is enough

last words to say from my side :: Don't miss this wonderful opportunity ~ kota vs naidu  

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And click on Download Admit card

get ready for exam 

>> only color prints are allotted for exam .

>>take  any valid photo identification proof (For example: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, College ID, Employee ID, Driving License) for exam center .

>>candidates must report at the examination venue at least 60 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the examination

GATE 2019 Exam Schedule

Date & DaySession No.Time (IST)Test Paper Code
02nd February 2019
S109:30 - 12.30 Hrs.
(Forenoon Session)
CY, ME-1, MN
S214:30 - 17:30 Hrs.
(Afternoon Session)
ME-2, XE, XL, TF
03rd February 2019
S309:30 - 12.30 Hrs.
(Forenoon Session)
S414:30 - 17:30 Hrs.
(Afternoon Session)
09th February 2019
S509:30 - 12.30 Hrs.
(Forenoon Session)
S614:30 - 17:30 Hrs.
(Afternoon Session)
10th February 2019
S709:30 - 12.30 Hrs.
(Forenoon Session)
S814:30 - 17:30 Hrs.
(Afternoon Session)

Multi-Session Papers (Exams in two different sessions)
CECivil EngineeringMEMechanical Engineering
Single-Session Papers
AEAerospace EngineeringGGGeology and Geophysics
AGAgricultural EngineeringINInstrumentation Engineering
ARArchitecture and PlanningMAMathematics
BTBiotechnologyMNMining Engineering
CHChemical EngineeringMTMetallurgical Engineering
CSComputer Science and Information TechnologyPEPetroleum Engineering
ECElectronics and Communication EngineeringPIProduction and Industrial Engineering
EEElectrical EngineeringSTStatistics
EYEcology and EvolutionTFTextile Engineering and Fibre Science
Sectional-Single Session Papers
Engineering SciencesXL
Life Sciences
AEngineering Mathematics (Compulsory)PChemistry (Compulsory)
BFluid MechanicsQBiochemistry
CMaterials ScienceRBotany
DSolid MechanicsSMicrobiology
FPolymer Science and EngineeringUFood Technology
GFood Technology
HAtmospheric and Oceanic Science
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venkata subba Naidu kota

Can I crack the GATE exam in 10 days?

To crack GATE in 10 days no worries, just read out these facts and you will get the path to it-

  1. There are 25–30 batches that run every year in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad etc and each batch comprises of 250-300 students. This is the data for single coaching institute then there are 2–3 such coaching institutions.
  2. Due to reduced job opportunities and continuously growing competition, lakhs of engineers remain unemployed and keep working hard year after year.
  3. As GATE has no age restriction, you compete with different age group people, some can be already M. Tech holders, PhD holders, Lecturer, Professor, an MNC employee etc.

Hope your doubt of cracking GATE in 10 days gets clarity here.

Be Practical. Be Realistic. All the best.

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venkata subba Naidu kota

I am getting above 35 marks in ACE GATE test series. How much marks or rank shall I expect in Gate 2017 EE?

Don't take mock marks too seriously, Your aim should be on how to improve with every test.

I got 43 marks on my very last mock I gave which was on 22 Jan. I got 59 without normalization in gate.

Give mocks for practice and improving your efficiency, never let them discourage you. Confidence on yourself is the key to cracking GATE.

Make a mistakes notebook for the mock tests you give and go through it every other day, I promise you you'll atleast save 2–4 marks, and you must know already that even .33 marks for a -ve answer is a LOT.

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venkata subba Naidu kota

What should be the strategy to do revision while preparing for GATE?

This is the most important phase of one's preparation i.e revision .
So I will give you some insight on how to do this effectively and how actually i did it , and I believe I have got AIR 13 (EC) due to this phase only.
  1. Whether you have completed your syllabus or not , wherever you are stop 2.5 months before the exam .
  2. Now , in these 2.5 months i.e 75 days , you have to give 36 days for revision and short note making + practise test of made easy
  3. Now how to schedule these 36 days , you have to make 3 group of 12 days each . Now in these 12 days you have to work around 8–10 hours a day and dedicate each day in two halfs (4–5 hours each)
  4. Now in each 12 days we have to focus 3 subjects so that we can cover around 9 subjects ( in EC branch there are 9 major subjects including maths)
  5. Now in these 3 subjects choose such that you are good in two of them and solved their questions and one subject in which you are weak and haven't read or solved questions . Now dedicate first half to the 2 subjects in which you are good at and finish them in 6 days each , and one subject in which you are weak at should be covered in 2nd half .
  6. Now how to revise , you have divide each subject in 4–5 parts and then target to complete each part according that subject should be finished in 6 days (12 days for tough one )
  7. Now during revision , read your notes thoroughly of that part and then make short notes from your notes . Then you have to solve previous 10 years gate question of that part .
  8. After completing the subject give practise test from made easy test series of that subject.
  • Never quit even if you are not able to complete in 6 days give one more day for the subject
  • Understand that you have to solve medium level questions in exam so don't try to go in very much depth just understand what is required to solve the questions
  • Never think about results just focus on the process
  • You need not be best in one subject but you definitely should not leave any subject , so that you can attempt easy and medium level questions of any subject
  • After this 36–40 days revision schedule you have to go for 20–25 days test series , how to attempt that I will be writing an answer for that too .
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venkata subba Naidu kota


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venkata subba Naidu kota

Can we get a good rank in the GATE exam in 45 days?

Exactly one year back I was in this situation, No, worse ! .

I was still working for TCS, I had a critical delivery to be made and no one had any know how of how to finish the project .

I was desperate for GATE, I wanted leave for 2 months and no one in TCS I know of got such a long duration leave .

I had to pull up something from the sleeve, I had to lie that my family business needs me and I won't be able to come to office .

I had to convince HR, Manager and My boss . To convince a lie, TCS taught me this , I used it back .

Unlike you people, I started my preparation on November 30th . Hardly 2 months for exam.

I had taken the challenge so seriously that I would punish myself for every hour that I wasted .

I would closely read 8–12 hours a day/night . It wasn't just reading, it was drilling holes into each subject .

I was fully focused and dedicated, I sometimes had to attend meetings from home and guide the person who took over my project .

I believed in myself, I didn't give up, but I gave up every single distraction . Phone, FB, TV etc, you name it, I disappeared from it .

I started challenging myself with only 2 chapters in a day till i reached a point where I would finish 1 subject a day by end of preparation .

I would write mocks and learn from my mistakes, analyse from previous questions , prepare my own notes .

I learnt and re learnt from my own mistakes, and then there came a point when I knew I would get below 100 even before giving the exam.

If I could do it, anybody can do it . But do you have that burning desire ?

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